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  1. We have the expertise to run successful energy efficiency programs, together with all the sunshine and wind that could possibly be needed. The barriers to greater commercialization of all these things are no longer technological; they are political and institutional. The technology is there on the shelf, looking for buyers. All that is needed to switch to cheaper, cleaner ways of providing energy is to lift the political and institutional barriers. The common sense is to take off all the nonsense from the power gripping positions. And the rakyat shall rise up to play their part of ‘common sense’.

  2. Ketika banyak negara sedang mengorak langkah membasmi loji nuklear mereka untuk tenaga lestari (angin, solar, etc), Malaysia patut mengambil inisiatif ke arah Sustainable Green Energy juga. Sis buangan loji nuclear amat beracun dan tiada teknologi terkini untuk melupuskannya dengan selamat dan berkesan. Oleh itu Malaysia patut mengambil ikhtibar daripada tragedi Fukushima di Jepun serta juga semua tragedi yang melibatkan kematian dan kesengsaraan jangka masa lama penduduk yang terdedah kepada radioaktiviti kerana insiden kerosakan atau “kecairan” loji muklear! Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia juga membantah kepada penubuhan apa jua loji nuklear di negara indah kami!

  3. Nuclear reactor is not safe for the moment, it’s better to utilize fossil fuel and provide some more fund to renewable energy development, energy for the future.

  4. Update:
    Forum: Is Nuclear Power an option for Malaysia?
    Few Important points:
    1. Under Malaysia Transformation Plan 2010, Nuclear power will be consider an option for Malaysia.
    2. Jan 2011 – Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation (MNPC) has formed. to take lead and 2021 is the target date to run the nuclear power plant.
    3. March 2011 – Fukushima incident.
    4. Is nuclear is the option forward? Energy efficient and Renewable energy, has government look into it?
    5. Nuclear NOT cheap, RM 21 billon to build est. by MNPC, but has not incorporate safety as quote by CEO of MNPC.
    6. For a country that has not have energy efficiency Act, we start to consider Nuclear Plant?
    7. 7 site has been identified by goverment at the moment!!!
    8. NO single country in the world know to dispose the nuclear waste.
    9. Europe country has divert fossil fuel and nuclear power into renewable energy.
    10. Is proven that Nuclear is NOT sustainable in term of economy, healthy and environment, and WHY is MALAYSIA STILL LOOKING INTO IT?
    11. Energy Efficiency Act can never implement as long as utility company STAY OUT OF IT! None of TNB business!
    12. Finger Cross that our goverment make a wise dicision, by considering our future generation.
    Fukushima. After effect of the nuclear plant radioactive leak. Impose into Malaysia map.
    Anyone still want a nuclear plant in Malaysia? Talk is cheap, you know how our goverment very good at jumping the gun
    Take Action sign petition, Anak Malaysia Anti Nuclear (AMAN)

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